Your Silly Neighbors

Here’s a little scenario (that can save you big bucks):

Let’s say you buy a home in a cookie cutter neighborhood.  When you are moving in, you meet the neighbors.  They are just unloading their U-Haul also.  Since it’s a cookie cutting kind of hood, you discover that you have exactly the same floor plan… and air conditioning system.  Identical.

You, being the genius that you are, call Matt and Brett from the ac guys and set up a maintenance plan for your shiny new AC.  We drop by twice a year and do our magic.  Life is cool.  Your neighbors, on the other hand, have never met the boys who are, “popular with all the hot people.”  They don’t bother with taking care of the most expensive appliance in their home.  They don’t even change the filter until it’s so dirty you could plant a Square Foot Garden on it.

Then, one toasty July afternoon, as you’re enjoying a frosty glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, you hear a pop, a whir, a buzz, a bang, … and then nothing.  Shortly though, said neighbor rings the doorbell.  Sweating profusely, looking like Richard Simmons after a beach workout, he asks if you know anything about air conditioners.  His hasn’t cooled so well lately… and now it’s not working at all.

Well, of course you know about air conditioners — You know he should have had a maintenance plan with the ac guys!!!  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that things need to be maintained.  If you don’t take care of something (air conditioners in particular), they will gobble up more energy, break down more often, and flat out fail before they normally would.  Silly neighbor.

Don’t be the nit wit next door.  Be wise.  Join the ac guys Family.  Have your system serviced twice a year, once before each major season.  Save money every day because your system is operating efficiently.  Get bumped to the front of the line if something does come up.  Save 10% on any repairs throughout the year.  Save $50 per year towards a future new system.

And high five for telling your neighbor about us —you know we’re going to take extra special care of you now.

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