The EPA, Refrigerant, and Your Money

To keep your home comfy, your HVAC system uses refrigerant, either R22 or R410. If your system is at least five years old, it probably uses R22. Both refrigerants do their job well, but one of them, R22, contributes to ozone depletion and greenhouse gases if it gets out in the environment. So, back a few years ago, the EPA decided to begin limiting the production of R22. Last year, 51 million pounds were allowed to be produced. In 2015, they are limiting production to 22 million pounds. Although manufacturers and contractors have been moving over to the newer refrigerant, R410, for some time, demand is still high for the old stuff. With demand high and supplies low, prices go up. If your ac guy says your system is low on R22 refrigerant, it might be worth your time to consider replacing your equipment with something new that runs on R410. Also, new equipment will likely be more efficient and have a new warranty. If you would like to talk to a salesman about this, you’ll have to call another company though. If you want to talk to someone who will give you an honest opinion and options, then call us.

(To learn more about the EPA’s phaseout of R22, go here.)

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